Best Fast Food Options For Athletes & Bodybuilders

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As athletes we all have those freak out moments where we just got done with a great workout, we’re sweating good, smiling big, and then something dawns on you…you don’t have a single healthy thing at the house to eat.

You know you need those calories way faster than you can cook them, and it’s a real buzz kill. You might even find your mind slowly talking yourself into stopping and getting a fat big mac or some fried nuggets or another fast food option. It’s got a lot of protein after all, and the calories can’t do anything but go straight to muscle since you just worked out, right? Yeaaa….no. You know the real answer but you’re thinking with your stomach instead of your head! Long gone are the days of supersize me and having to get burgers & fries if you went out for fast food.

Well now, you can avoid all of that! Because it turns out, there ARE some healthier fast food options. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating your normal meals and sub these in, but it does mean that when you’re in a pinch, you can grab these real fast without having to worry about losing that muscle you just worked for, or worrying about gaining that fat back you just lost.

Let’s start from the top! Oh, and no, this isn’t going to be a big list of dressing-less salads! Here Are the Best Fast Food Options!

6. McDonald’s – The Hamburger


Calories: 250 – Grams of Fat: 9g –  Grams of Protein: 12g – Carbs: 32g

Talk about unpredictability! WE didn’t even expect this one. Without resorting to a salad, and leaving still feeling full, the classic hamburger from McDonald’s is one of the lowest calorie options and is one of the lowest in fat content. Boom! Mind Blown!

5. Dairy Queen – Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Calories: 400 – Grams of Fat: 14g – Grams of Protein: 22 – Carbs: 44g

What would this list be without some grilled chicken??  If you want this sandwich to truly be a masterpiece of healthiness, get it without that fattening mayo. That will take around 50-100 calories off, and not to mention a bunch of the fat!

4. Wendy’s – Grilled Chicken Wrap

wendys-2Calories: 270 – Grams of Fat: 11g – Grams of Protein: 20g – Carbs: 24g

You see that fat-to-protein ratio?? Couple that with the extremely low amount of calories for such a large portion, and you have yourself a perfect recipe for lean muscle gain. Not to mention that’s close to the lowest amount of fat you’ll get with a fast food meal of any kind, with the exception of some salads.

3. Apple & Cranberry Salad w/ herb vinaigrette dressing


Calories: 305 – Grams of Fat: 10g – Grams of Protein: 10g – Carbs: 36g

Before you say anything, this is no normal salad! The only thing “salad like” about this tray is the lettuce. Cranberries, chicken, apples, cheese, and some herb vinaigrette dressing, make this about the most unlike-a-salad type salad we have ever seen! Guarantee you it doesn’t taste like one either!

2. Chick-Fil-A – Grilled Chicken Nuggets 8-ct


Calories: 140 – Grams of Fat: 3g – Grams of Protein: 23g – Carbs: 4g

We don’t even know how Chick-Fil-A pulled this one off! This is hands down your healthiest option for stopping and getting fast food, if we’re not counting salads. Hell, even with salads this beats most of the competition! Only 140 calories but 23 grams of protein?? That’s insane!

1. In-N-Out Burger – Protein Style Hamburgerbest fast food optioins

Calories: 140 – Grams of Fat: 17g – Grams of Protein: 13g – Carbs: 11g

While the In-N-Out Protein Style Burger isn’t the healthiest in terms of macros, it is definitely the tastiest. We had a hard time deciding between In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A however we narrowed it down to taste. If you live in an area that does not have In-N-Out (sorry Northeast USA lol), then make sure you visit one next time you take a trip out west. It has become increasingly popular and lunch time lines are out the door sometimes. Just as good as the taste are the pretty low prices, with a protein style burger only costing you about $2.

There you have it!

Next time you get out of the gym with that down feeling because you think you’re about to have to waste a workout by getting a pizza, think again! Pull up this bad-boy of a page and use it!