Saturday, July 20, 2024

CrossShit PullUps: Must Watch Epic Fail

106 CrossShit pullups or 0 real pullups?

Crossfit Fail Compilation Video: Welcome to Snap City

The Ultimate CrossFit Fail Compilation Video This is probably a big reason why people hate CrossShit. It's hard to believe that the people in this video are...
unwritten gym rules

25 Unwritten Gym Rules You’re Probably Breaking

25 Unwritten Gym Rules 1. No standing right in front of the dumbbell rack 2. Don't give unsolicited advice...unless your Arnold 3. Re-rack weights where they belong 4....
Thoughts At The Gym

100 Thoughts At The Gym Only Gym Rats Have!

Pre-Gym Thoughts 1. Man, I can’t wait to hit the gym today and get swole 2. Damn, I’m not feeling too well today 3. Shit, I forgot...

Eating Junk Food At The Gym!

Most people see junk food but all we see are gains! -You want some bro? -(hands him ice cream) Good shit! -Yeah, man
broscience tips

50 Worst Broscience Tips On Nutrition That People Actually Believe!

When it comes to our nutrition, we all had to start somewhere. We read blogs, watched youtube videos, and asked our buddies at the...

Top 10 Funniest BroScienceLife Videos!

Let's face it...we all love the BroScienceLife youtube channel. It is the epitome of who we are when we look in the mirror, besides...
Honest Advertising

What If Supplement Labels Had Honest Advertising?

Supplement companies are always looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to new products. Every few months, supplement companies come out with the...
evolution lifting manvideo

Evolution Of The Lifting Man-BroScienceLife

Ooze Time period before you started lifted...referred to as B.C. (before curls). You're still worried that you may never actually see a vagina in...

50 Worst Weight Training Tips You’ve Probably Been Told

When it comes to weight training, we all had to start somewhere. We read blogs, watched youtube videos, and asked our buddies at the...

50 Signs You’ve Been On The Bodybuilding Misc Forum

Urban Dictionary Definition of Misc: The name of the miscellanous section of the popular forums. Contains all the random topics that aren't appropriate for the other...

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