Stay Motivated Like Brandon Lilly: From Wheelchair To Competition

Brandon Lilly is an Elite powerlifter with 2,204 lbs raw and 2,612 lbs geared powerlifting totals. Brandon is one of the best athletes in the powerlifting game right now.

Unfortunately, back in January Brandon Lilly missed a 700 lb squat attempt and severely injured both his knees.

During 5 and a half hours of surgery, doctors had to repair in both legs: torn quad tendon, torn patella tendon, torn MCL, torn meniscus, torn ACL, torn hamstring tendon and broken patella.

Video: 700 lb Missed Squat Attempt



He set out to return as soon as possible but was smart enough to know that being healthy in the long run is much more important than breaking a record. He’s still recovering to this day and we can only wish him the best in his recovery. He is an inspiration to all of  us and you can check out his youtube channel to keep up with the latest news from him.

Video: Brandon Lilly’s Secret To Success