100 Thoughts At The Gym Only Gym Rats Have!

Do I Even Lift?

Pre-Gym Thoughts

1. Man, I can’t wait to hit the gym today and get swole

2. Damn, I’m not feeling too well today

3. Shit, I forgot to write up that report

4. Maybe I can just go tomorrow

5. No! I need to stop being a lazy ass

6. Let me check out some motivational youtube videos to get hyped up

7. Gotta check Facebook first

8. Wow, 0 notifications…no surprise there

9. Let me check twitter while I’m at it

10. Wow, 0 notifications…no surprise there

11. Let me check Instagram while I’m at it

12. Wow, 0 notifications…no surprise there

13. I should probably start a Instagram fitness account

14. Yeah that’s a way to gain some followers

15. I haven’t been on the misc in a while

16. HAHA let me comment “OP IS A PHAGGOT”

17. I’m such a troll…

18. Who am I kidding? I’m such a loser

19. Do I even lift?

20. Okay time to check Youtube


22. Looks like there’s another brosciencelife video up

23. Hodgetwins HAHA! “FUCK OUT DA WAY”

24. “Hey Man You Wanna Build Some Muscle”

25. I Should start a Youtube fitness channel

26. I just need a camera

27. Damn I’m broke

28. Okay, I think it’s time to go to the gym

29. Whoops, gotta poop first

30. Where’s my preworkout?

Thoughts At The Gym

31. Does anybody here even lift?

32. Nice beats by dre bro, too bad you look stupid

33. I should be a personal trainer

34. Nahhh, I hate people

35. Yes!! a squat rack is open!!

36. Time to curl baby!

37. Is that a vein?!!


39. Let me upload this to instagram

40. “Curls for the Girls” haha!

41. #fitfam #getswole #cleaneating

42. #bodybuilding #doyouevenlift #gunshow

43. #bicepsfordays #cuttingseason #fitness

44. Okay I think that’s enough hashtags

45. Just kidding

46. #youwasntwithmecurlinginthegym

47. #weaponsofmassdestruction

48. #oninstagramstraightflexin

49. Can’t forget the filter-HEFE

50. Doesn’t that mean boss is Spanish?

51. Yeah it does…I’m a boss haha


53. Let me put on my epic house music playlist

54. Above & Beyond!

55. Alesso!

56. Afrojack!

57. No bro, I’m not done using the squat rack

58. Wait your damn turn

59. You got a problem with me curling in the squat rack?

60. Build your own damn gym!


62. Gotta confuse these muscles so they’ll grow

63. I command you to grow!!

64. HAHA my man CT

65. He’s so intimidating

66. It’s still my mothafuckin set!

67. DROPSET!!!

68. These muscles don’t know what hit em

69. The pump! It feels like cumming

70. I’m cumming all day long

71. In the gym and out of the gym

72. Too bad that I’m making myself cum in and out of the gym

73. I need a girl

74. I need to do abs today, bitches love abs

75. GIANT SET!!!

76. Maybe if I start counting in my Spanish, my muscles will be more confused

77. Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco, Seis, Zeite, Ocho

78. What’s after OCHO??

79. Whatever happened to Ocho-Cinco?

80. “Tell a bitch give me head…OCHO-CINCO!”

81. Man there are some cuties here today

82. And some MILFS haha!

83. Just kidding that’s gross

84. But I’d still do it anyway haha!

85. Quick, she’s walking this way…start curling

86. Should I say something?

87. She probably has a boyfriend

88. Oh shit, I think it’s that big-ass dude over there

89. Good thing I didn’t say anything

90. I could probably take em

91. I don’t care how big he is

92. He’s not faster than me!

93. Take his girl too haha

94. Should I hit abs today?

95. I hit em yesterday sooo…

96. Fine, I’ll do abs

97. Uno, dos, tres, quatro

98. I gotta fart

99. Man that stinks

100. Hopefully nobody comes over here