50 Signs You’ve Been On The Bodybuilding Misc Forum

Urban Dictionary Definition of Misc:

The name of the miscellanous section of the popular bodybuilding.com forums. Contains all the random topics that aren’t appropriate for the other sections of the forum.It has acquired a stereotype that it is predominately populated, ironically, by people who don’t even work out. Most members enjoy the anonymity the section provides and therefore feel free to post opinions and content that they would otherwise feel too embarrassed to share in real life, often with hilarious results.

Members have the option to post an avatar of themselves to show off their physique as well as the option to list their physical stats and age. If the avatar and/or stats are unflattering, they could end up being reposted by other members mockingly when they disagree with one of their opinions.

Members can be awarded with positive or negative reputation points from other members depending on the content of their posts. The positive points are known as reps/greens and are received for quality posts while negative points, otherwise known as negs, are usually reserved for poor posts and trolls. These trolls are disdainfully known as ‘reds’ and are largely ignored by the other members of the board.

It is heavily moderated to keep the frequent trolling at bay with moderate success.

“I just got banned from the misc for posting nudes.”

We’ve all been there, trolling around on the Bodybuilding Misc forum. It’s where we first learned about broscience and probably actually believed it. It was where you learned about no carbs after 6 and that white potatoes will make you fat. So here at Visionary Athletes, we decided to have some fun and compile a list of all the signs that you’ve been on the forum.

1) You’ve bookmarked bodybuilding.com in your web browser

2) You’ve been on the bodybuilding.com misc forum

3) You don’t actually know how to say “misc” (nobody does)

4) You use misc lingo in real life (srs)

5) You know who Zyzz was

6) You own a misc bertshirt

Bodybuilding Misc forum

7) You try to spend at least $75 at bodybuilding.com so you can get a free gift

8) You order off bodybuilding.com so you can get some free samples

9) You get excited like a little kid when your supplements arrive

10) You know what it means to be “mirin” (You mirin brah?)

Bodybuilding Misc forum

11) You occasionally strike a Zane Pose


12) You call a Zane pose a Zyzz pose


13) You tell everyone about the gun show coming to town

Gun Show

14) You carry all your groceries in at once

Groceries one trip

15) You do curls with your shopping bags to get a quick pump

16) You buy boneless skinless chicken breast every time you’re at the grocery store

17) You once thought that eating 6-8 meals a day was necessary

6-8 meals meme

18) You own a meal bag because you have to eat every 2 hours to “stoke your metabolism”

Isobag 6 Meal System

19) You make sure every meal has enough protein

20) You can never actually have enough protein in a meal

21) You’ve been both a guru and the guru’d

Bodybuilding Misc forum

22) You go outdoors so you can wear a cut off

23) You wear cut offs

24) You wear stringer tanks to the gym

25) You carry a gallon water jug around the gym

Gallon Water

26) You carry your gym bag around the gym

27) You keep your supplement containers in your gym bag

28) You stole your grandpa’s pill organizer to use for your supplements

Pill Organizer

29) You’ve left a dirty shaker cup in your gym bag for an extended period of time

30) You must have your protein shake within 60 minutes post-workout

Bodybuilding Misc forum

31) You own a SmartShake

SmartShake Shaker Cup

32) You’ll have a terrible lift if you don’t take your pre-workout

33) You actually buy Pre-Workouts

Gym Meme

34) You watch motivational videos to get psyched up for your gym

35) You grunt in the gym

36) You wear tight shirts to show off your hard work

tight shirt meme

37) You hate baggy clothing because it makes you look like you don’t lift

38) You don’t actually lift

39) You like flexing your triceps to see if there’s a horseshoe


40) You flex in front of anything that has a reflection

41) You talk like a science major

42) You subscribe to all your favorite Youtube fitness channels

43) Your idol is Dom Mazzetti

44) You miss the days when Amazon had Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard 5 Pound for less than $40 bucks

Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard
Circa January 2011

45) You use the word “Bro” excessively

46) You use phrases like: “Sun’s Out, Guns Out,”  “Sky’s Out, Thighs Out,” “Curls For The Girls,” and “Rows For The Hoes”

47) You know that Monday is international chest day

Chest Mondays

48) You wear sunglasses indoors

Sunglass meme

49) You assume anyone bigger than you is not natty


50) You hate getting asked for a spot…unless this happens

bodybuilding misc forum