Layne Norton Explains Why He Sued Jason Blaha

Layne Norton holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is a big figure and name in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness. He has recently been the center of controversy after he decided to sue Jason Blaha who runs a Youtube fitness channel. Jason claimed that Layne’s research was bias and that he was not a natural athlete and this caused a stir that eventually led to physical threats against Layne. Layne decided to take legal action and the court issued an injunction against Jason which led to Jason shutting down his former Youtube channel. Here is Layne’s side of the story.

Main points of the video

  • Back in April, Layne began getting messages about criticisms on his research
  • Layne thought Jason was a troll and didn’t understand his research
  • Jason claimed that since supplement companies pay for Layne’s research and is therefore bias. Layne claims he was never funded by any supplement companies
  • Layne started getting hate mail from people and was pissed that people just dismissed the fact he has his PhD in Nutritional Sciences
  • Layne called Jason an asshole on a Facebook thread
  • Jason then made series of videos claiming Layne was not a natural athlete i.e. on roids
  • Layne started getting more haters than you can imagine and started to get threats of physical violence not only towards himself but his wife and newborn son
  • Layne began looking for legal advice and when Jason first heard of this he posted this on facebook

layne norton jason blaha

  • Layne hired legal team and sued Jason in UK court because that is where Jason is located
  • Layne had to compile a list of all the defamatory videos and comments about him
  • Right  before Layne was going to send a cease and desist letter, Jason contacted him offering an apology

layne norton jason blaha

  • Layne wanted to receive compensation for his time and effort and wanted too much according to Jason
  • Jason and Layne couldn’t settle on an amount and Layne filed the lawsuit
  • Jason did not acknowledge the lawsuit and did not show up for the hearing
  • The judge heard Layne’s side and issued an injunction which meant that Jason would have to cease making his claims
  • Jason closed down his Youtube channel IceCreamFitness

Do you think that Layne went too far by taking legal action or had Jason gone too far by making those claims?