George Leeman Is The Most Motivational 22 Year Old In Powerlifting!

George Leeman is 22 years old and first got started in powerlifting because he was tired of being a pathetic little fat kid his whole life. He was tired of getting bullied and wanted to get stronger than other people. He liked powerlifting because he was in control of his destiny. He didn’t have to rely on the support of teammates with no dedication. He knew he could excel because of all his hatred and anger that he could channel into his lifts.

George found it easy to put himself through grueling workouts that most of us would never attempt because he hated himself. By doing so it would help build his self-esteem and no longer would he get bullied. Powerlifting is what he is good at and is a sport for people “who are not right in the head” according to George.

At 15 years old, George found his calling in powerlifting and began bulking at 198 lbs. By the age of 18, he was already 365 lbs!  By the age of 19, George reached 400 lbs and after a leg injury decided it was time to cut. He went on a typical bro-diet and bro-routine that consisted of a 1900 calories diet with hours of cardio.

George lost over 100 lbs and for the first time in his life was not ashamed of his body. With a 385 lb bench and 700 lb deadlift, he decided to bulk again at a weight of 235 lbs!

These days George has a 906 lb deadlift, over 500 lb bench press, and over 700 lb squat! His current goal is to deadlift over 1000 lbs raw!

Video: 906 lb Deadlift!

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