25 Unwritten Gym Rules You’re Probably Breaking

25 Unwritten Gym Rules

1. No standing right in front of the dumbbell rack

unwritten gym rules

2. Don’t give unsolicited advice…unless your Arnold

3. Re-rack weights where they belong

4. Don’t aimlessly stand by a machine you’re not using

5. Don’t curl in the squat rack unless there’s nobody in your gym…or nobody squats

unwritten gym rules

6. Use the least amount of plates possible on a barbell…don’t use (5) 25 lb plates on each side

unwritten gym rules

7. Don’t invade others peoples space especially if they need that space for a lift

8. Don’t jumprope or anything weird like that in the middle of the free weights section

9. Don’t talk to someone with their headphones in unless necessary

10. Don’t obnoxiously and unnecessarily grunt…sorry but those 30 lb curls don’t require you to get hyped up

11. Don’t hog multiple sets of dumbbells because you’re doing a pyramid set

unwritten gym rules

12. Try to avoid walking in front of someone checking their form in the mirror

13. Don’t steal shit from the gym…both the gym and its members hate you

14. If someone wants to work in, don’t be a dick in your response

15. Don’t superset exercises that are across the gym so that I have to wait to use the machine you’re on

16. Don’t talk to someone in the middle of set

unwritten gym rules

17. Don’t sexually moan while your working out

18. Don’t use bumper plates on machines

19. If you’re sweating, wipe the machine

unwritten gym rules

20. Don’t fart in a crowded area

unwritten gym rules

21. Put deodorant on before you workout

22. Don’t leave your towel on a piece of equipment to claim your still using it and not be in the vicinity

unwritten gym rules

23. Don’t stare at other people

unwritten gym rules

24. Don’t roll your eyes if someone asks you for a spot

25. Don’t walk around butt naked and especially don’t talk to people with your sack out or blow-dry your balls

unwritten gym rules

What else do you people do at the gym that annoys you? Let us know in the comments below!